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Call for e-VLBI Proposals: 16 March & 20 April 2006


Proposals for experimental science use of the EVN's developing e-VLBI real-time VLBI capability are invited. Available EVN e-VLBI capable telescopes in the first half of 2006 are Wb14 (tied array), Jb2, Cm, On, Tr and Mc. Proposals can be made for the following two runs.

Observation start Observation end Approx GST Range Proposal Deadline
16th March, 14 UTC 16th March, 19 UTC 01:30-06:30 1st March
20th April, 15 UTC 21st April, 11 UTC 05:00-01:00 5th April

Proposals may request observations in either the 6cm or 18/21cm bands (but not both in one experiment). In this initial call, only continuum observations will be supported (no spectral line). These observations will be run at the highest possible (variable) bit rate consistent with internet traffic. It is expected that during these sessions an average bit rate of 128Mbit/s will be possible; however due to the still experimental nature of the system this cannot be guaranteed.

To accommodate observations requiring rapid reaction and results, e-VLBI proposals can be made up to two weeks prior to the observations by the special deadlines given above. Envisioned ideal uses for e-VLBI runs are 1) Targets of Opportunity, 2) Preliminary fringe test or other observations where rapid turnaround is required to plan future proposals or observations. 3) Monitoring of sources on timescales shorter than the EVN inter-session interval. NOTE proposals in the last category which seek to combine an e-VLBI run with a regular disk based session observation must be made before the normal Feb 1st deadline as part of a standard EVN proposal. Any submitted e-VLBI proposals which can be better executed in regular session observations are unlikely to be scheduled for these e-VLBI runs. In all cases proposed projects should take account of the limited numbers of telescopes and bandwidth available, carefully justifying that the science goals can be reached.

Proposals are eligible for scheduling in the run for which they are proposed, or for the next observing run if appropriate. Proprietary rights on the data are the standard ones of one year after data distribution. PIs are strongly encouraged to visit JIVE during or immediately after the observations to help rapidly reduce their data. Proposals submitted for the e-VLBI deadlines will be reviewed by the EVN PC within one week.

Scheduling of these proposals will be carried out by JIVE staff using information supplied in the proposal. Proposals must therefore contain all the necessary information needed for scheduling, including the exact target and calibrator positions etc. All proposers MUST contact Bob Campbell ( in good time PRIOR to submitting their proposal to ensure that all technical aspects required for observation and correlation are fully described in the proposal. Before submitting a proposal, proposers should also consult the web pages at where updated information about the status of each run can be found. Proposals should use the standard VLBI proposal cover sheet and include the normal scientific justification. Proposals must be mailed to The email subject line should clearly state 'e-VLBI proposal'.

The continuing development of e-VLBI within the EVN is made possible via the EXPReS project funded by the EC FP6 IST e-infrastructure initiative - with a goal to achieve 1Gbit/s e-VLBI real time data transfer.

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