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20 February 2007 e-VLBI Test

From: Arpad Szomoru
Date: 2/27/2007 2:29 PM
Subject: EVNtech: e-VLBI Feb 20

Greetings all. A slightly belated report on the e-VLBI run of last week. Participating stations were the usual suspects, Tr, Mc, On, Wb, Cm and Jb (MKII). One science proposal was accepted for this session.

The afternoon of the 20th was used for general tests. During these tests we again reached 512 Mbps from 5 out of six stations.

The science part, at 256 Mbps, started at 500UT and ran until 1030UT. Problems with a Mark5 unit caused us to lose about 30 minutes of data from Mc, apart from this al went very smoothly. Cm did not produce useable data, but this problem, not related to e-VLBI, has since been solved.

The aim of the run was to detect potential calibrator sources for future observations. None of the 4 sources were detected, indicating they are resolved.

Regards, Arpad

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