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This page covers all activities after running correlation jobs.


Pre- and post-observation operational flow diagram (postscript) or (pdf).

Post-correlation review checklist (for the MkIV) (postscript) or (pdf).

Post-correlation review checklist (for SFXC) (postscript) or (pdf).

Data-review flowchart diagram (postscript) or (pdf).

Backup and restore procedure of correlator jojobs


Guide for post-correlation review and FITS-file preparation (v.4.0 of 1 Nov 2008): (gzipped postscript) or (pdf).

Guide to the delay-rate ~0 and other apriori-model based events: (gzipped postscript) or (pdf).

Guide to the DMM and TRM byte slips: (gzipped postscript) or (pdf).

Pipelining guide

How to make an Antab file. (antabfs.pdf) At JIVE, the scripts are already installed in ~reynolds/progs/antabfs.

EVN Data Archive at JIVE

Backup procedures for EVN Data Archive at JIVE

Create DAT tape with fits files for P.I.

EVN User Guide (EVN Data Analysis Guide)

Glish manual (v2.7; Schiebel & Paxson, 10 Dec 2003): (gzipped postscript).

Measurement Set (version 2) definition (Kemball & Wieringa 21 Jan 2000): (gzipped postscript).


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