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New jaw0

The replacement for jaw0 has been named `jaw2`. This machine will only be used for booting the HP-RT systems in the correlator and booting the Station Units. Nothing else should live on this machine anymore.

There are actually two nearly identical machines that are both `jaw2`, one of them serving as a cold spare. Because both machines have the same IP address, they should never both be connected to the network at the same time. There is also a full Ignite-UX disaster-recovery backup tape for these systems. For now, Mark keeps this backup in the top drawer of his desk.


The HP-RT real-time systems in the correlator use `jaw2` to boot. The HP-RT support files are located in `/opt/HP-RT`, configuration files and test programs live in `/users/bos`, `/users/evn`, `/users/dzb` en `/users/evnfra`. The HP-RT systems get their IP address through bootp (see `/etc/bootptab`). They then fetch the HP-RT kernel from `/home/tftpdir/` using TFTP. Then they mount the `/opt/HP-RT` and `/users` filesystems over NFS.

Station Units

The SU's use `jaw2` to get their RAM image through TPTP. The images can be found in `/home/tftpdir/su`. This directory is owned by use `jive_cc`, so you'll need to login as `jive_cc` to change the RAM image.

Preparing for Disaster Recovery

An Ignite-UX backup tape can be made by running (as root) the command `make_recovery -A`.

Disaster Recovery

The Ignite-UX backup can be used to fully restore the system without having to install HP-UX first. To do this:

  • Make sure a DDS-3 tape drive is connected to the system and has its SCSI target set to 2.
  • Insert the backup tape in the drive.
  • Boot the machine and interrupt the boot procedure by pressing a key.
  • Type `BOOT FWSCSI.2.0`.

If the hardware on which you're trying to restore the backup is identical to the old hardware, this should automatically restore the machine. If the hardware is somewhat different the recovery procedure should be interrupted when prompted. Choose 'Install HP-UX' from the menu and make the necessary adjustments (for example changing the size of file systems) before continuing the recovery.

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