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This page covers all you want to know about an EVN experiment or a session. If you are clock-searching an experiment and you do not know whether Westerbork observed as a phase array or used a single dish, just go to the EVN feedback pages! If you would like to process your VLBI data and want more information, you are at the right place!

The EVN feedback pages contain information from the telescope operators on the successes and failures during EVN experiments:

The EVN Session Overviews is a compilation of the above feedbacks, for each session:

Look for a Network Monitoring Experiment (NME) in the block schedule:

NME reports sometimes show problems that were not known at the time of writing the station feedbacks:

Even more information can be found in the NME pipeline web pages:

Ftp fringe tests are carried out several times during an observing session. The results from these are available within about a day after the observations. Check here whether all the stations had fringes before/after your experiment:

The EVN Data Archive contains FITS files, pipeline web pages (and more…) for your experiment:

Operational Flow Diagram

Pre- and post-observation operational flow diagram (postscript) or (pdf).

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