Huib's projects


Within the RadioNet consortium I am the PI of the ALBUS project. RadioNet is an I3 funded under the EU FP6 programme. You can find an overview of RadioNet activities on line. One of the activities (Joint Research Activity) is a project on Advanced Long-Baseline User Software (ALBUS). An overview of its contents is maintained on the wiki page. In particular we are producing a Python interface for the classic AIPS package. This is now generally available and described (I wouldn't say documented).

Interacademiaal 2006

Together with Tom Oosterloo (ASTRON) I will be teaching an "interacademiaal college" on Interferometry. We are planning to have a series of lectures on every second week in Utrecht during spring 2006. In the afternoons we have either guest lectures or "practica", on which Haley Bignall (JIVE) is assisting. All the information and registration can be found here.


Together with Jodrell Bank Observatory, the Max Planck Institute for Radio-astronomy, Onsala Space Observatory, the Radio-astronomy Institute in Bologna and ASTRON we are part of the Marie-Curie Early Stage Training programme ESTRELA. I am the coordinator for this at JIVE and part of the management team. Students coming to JIVE are expected to be based in Leiden or Groningen.


This stands for Future Arrays of Broadband Radio-telescopes over Internet Computing. It is the Joint Research Activity in EXPReS, a funded EU project to start in March 2006. EXPReS will focus on turning eVLBI into an operational system, while FABRIC will study the possibilities beyond 1 Gbps. Its main two lines of research and development are a 4 Gbps data acquisition system and distributed correlation on Grid computing.


I am involved in a project to connect the JCMT (and CSO) to the SMA. There is some general description of the project. In addition I should make my photos, talks and reports available.

JIVE Correlator

The software group at JIVE has the responsibility for maintaining and upgrading the EVN MkIV data processor at JIVE. The current developments include upgrading the correlator for eVLBI. In addition the PCInt project is ongoing. This is upgrading the capacity of the data processor in several phases. The spectral capacity of the correlator enhanced by introducing recirculation. Within the scope of the ALBUS project we are introducing phase cal to the operational environment and we are enhancing the accountability of the data processor by making the model components avialable to the output data streams.