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Huib Jan van Langevelde
Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
Postbus 2
7990 AA Dwingeloo
tel: +31-521-596515
sec: +31-521-596524 (they know my whereabouts)
mob: +31-6-21201419 (when traveling)

Director JIVE

From September 1 2007 I am the director of JIVE This includes being the coordinator of NEXPReS. Before I was the head of software and I still feel intimately involved in the RD projects described on the projects page.

I continue to do, astronomical research, with a little help from my friends. In this science allocation I also do a few other instrumentation projects that are not VLBI

Professor Galactic Radio-astronomy at Sterrewacht Leiden

One day a week, mostly Wedenesdays, I travel to Leiden to concentrate on scientific research and get in toch with, for example, mm-astronomy.

I have a desk in room HL 421a. I can receive e-mail on my Leiden account and I have a mailbox, but I prefer to receive everything on my Dwingeloo address.


To give you some background you can access the most recent CV

Professional Assocciations

Membership of professional organizations

I am a member of the following comitees, boards, teams organizing committees:
  • I act as the coordinator of the NEXPReS project
  • I represent JIVE on the EVN board
  • I represent JIVE on the RadioNet3 board
  • The RadioNet executive board.
  • Member of the LKBF (chair), Oort Fonds and Sterrewacht Fond
  • Member of the ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee (ASAC)
  • Member of the European Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)
  • Membert of the Lorentz Centre Astronomy Board
  • Member of the IAU
  • Member of the NAC
And there a number of past commitees that are worth mentioning:
  • I served on the SOC of the workshop in Sendai Japan on mass loss from giant stars
  • I was the co-chair on the LOC/SOC for the Zwolle meeting on circumstellar and circumnuclear matter
  • I have served some 7 years on the EVN Program Comittee
  • I have been a member on the VSOP scientific review commiittee