4.3 Thoughts by Position

Below are some things to keep in mind when playing a specific position. Obviously, these kinds of things make more sense in the context of a game, so they take some practice to get used to. We can go over more detailed points of technique/more exhaustive situations elsewhere if there's any interest.

in The Short Fielder: Depending on the circumstances, there are typically 4 places to put the short fielder: play as though you have four outfielders, all at the same depth (for batters who usually kill the ball); in the middle of the LF-CF-SS triangle (for a normal RHB tending to pull); in the middle of the RF-CF-2B triangle (for a similar LHB); or right behind the second-base bag, with the SS and 2B now freed up from having to cover the bag & able to play more in their holes (for batters who usually hit grounders, or when you really need the double-play). As such, the short-fielder gets to run around a lot as batters change.