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Disk-based recordings will provide better and more reliable playback, higher data rates, and increased correlation efficiency (via significantly shorter per-job preparation time -- saving $\sim$6min per pass by accomplishing the equivalent of the tape-synchronization tasks mentioned in §3.2 in $\sim$10s). The expected reduction in recorrelations owing to bad playback will further increase the net correlation efficiency.

We have recently performed our first tape-tape/disk-tape/disk-disk comparisons, using data from a network monitoring experiment (NME) in February 2003 in which some stations recorded in parallel on both disk and tape. Separately, 1Gb/s observations were made in March between Jodrell Bank (Jb$_2$) and Metsähovi at K-band with the PC-EVN recording system. The data were transformed into Mk5 format and correlated successfully, leading to our first fringes from 1Gb/s recordings. More information about these and other disk-recording test observations can be found on the EVN web-page, under the heading ``Latest News on EVN Developments" via the ``EVN TOG" (Technical & Operations Group) menu item.

Bob Campbell 2003-09-22