The EVN-NREN forum exists to facilitate closer interworking between the Radio Astronomy and Networking communities.

4th EVN-NREN Meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 31st October 2006 can be found here: :expres:4th_evn-nren_meeting_minutes.doc

link to draft agenda

5th EVN-NREN Meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 19th September 2007 can be found here: 5th_evn-nren_meeting_minutes.doc


John Chevers geant2_update_evn-nren_0907.ppt

Otto Kreiter evlbi-bonn-19.09.07.ppt

Arpad Szomoru arpad_8thevn.ppt

Paul Boven

Ralph Spencer

Richard Hughes-Jones rich_bonn_sep07_v1.ppt

Rich Carlson advanced-tools-evlbi.ppt

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