Below you can find copies of the JIVE annual/biennial reports since 2000.  Up through 2002, EVN annual/biennial reports appeared in the form of a joint EVN+JIVE report -- these included contributions from the EVN institutes on their VLBI activities, the JIVE statutory report, and a bibliography of EVN-based VLBI publications.  Subsequently, the EVN biennial reports have appeared separately (available here).  Semi-annual JIVE reports were discontinued in 2005.

The annual reports are available as pdf files. If you would like to receive a paper copy, please send an e-mail to the secretary [at] jive [dot] nl (JIVE secretary).

ERIC Annual Reports (pdf)

Biennial Reports (pdf)

Annual Reports (pdf)

  • 2004 (17MB)
  • 2003 (1.7MB)
  • 2002 (1.2MB)  [Joint EVN+JIVE biennial report for 2001-2002.]
  • 2001 (2MB)
  • 2000 (25MB)   [Joint EVN+JIVE annual report for 2000.]

Half-Yearly Reports (pdf)

Quarterly Reports (pdf)

EVN + JIVE Reports


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