EVN User Experiment Pipeline Feedback of N21X1

 A description of the pipeline is available from the pipeline homepage.
 The links will direct you to webpages containing:
  • A series of plots produced by the pipeline which should be useful in assessing the antenna performance and data quality in each experiment. (see pipeline description for details).
  • A set of calibration tables (in FITS format) produced by the pipeline. These can be down-loaded and applied to the data provided by the EVN correlator. (see the EVN Data analysis guide, available from the EVN user guide, for details).
  • A history file associated with the data processed by the pipeline and a summary of what the CL/SN tables contain (typically CL table 2 provides the apriori amplitude calibration and CL table 3 provides phase, phase-rate, delay and amp gain solutions from the calibrators).
  • The parseltongue pipeline script can be found here .
  • In addition, the original pipeline script is made available, together with final versions of the ancilliary data (ANTAB, UVFLG files etc).

To download all the pipeline products use: GNU wget. (manual).
It can be obtained from the web, if not available.
To get all pipeline products, copy next line to your commandwindow:

wget -t45 -l1 -r -nd http://archive.jive.nl/exp/N21X1_210312/pipe -A "n21x1*"

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