EVN User Experiment Pipeline Feedback of EA063

 A description of the pipeline is available from the pipeline homepage.
 The links will direct you to webpages containing:
  • A series of plots produced by the pipeline which should be useful in assessing the antenna performance and data quality in each experiment. (see pipeline description for details).
  • A set of calibration tables (in FITS format) produced by the pipeline. These can be down-loaded and applied to the data provided by the EVN correlator. (see the EVN Data analysis guide, available from the EVN user guide, for details).
  • A history file associated with the data processed by the pipeline and a summary of what the CL/SN tables contain (typically CL table 2 provides the apriori amplitude calibration and CL table 3 provides phase, phase-rate, delay and amp gain solutions from the calibrators).
  • The parseltongue pipeline script can be found here .
  • In addition, the original pipeline script is made available, together with final versions of the ancilliary data (ANTAB, UVFLG files etc).

To download all the pipeline products use: GNU wget. (manual).
It can be obtained from the web, if not available.
To get all pipeline products of all passes, copy next line to your commandwindow:

wget --http-user username --http-passwd password -t45 -l2 -r -nd http://archive.jive.nl/exp/EA063_191031/pipe -A "ea063*" -k
Replace username and password with actual values before executing the command.

Pipeline products of experiment EA063, pass1
Pipeline plots
AIPS calibration. tables (FITS Format)
AIPS history file.
Short summary of CL/SN table contents.
Input parameters for script.
Associated EVN calibration.
Associated VLBA / VLA / GBT file.(Not available)
UVFLG flagged data.
UVFLG Band-edge Flagging.(Not available)
The pipeline logfile.
Pipeline-calibrated UV FITS files.
Available passes
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