WP 6 - High Bandwidth on Demand.

Work Package coordinator is Paul Boven (boven@jive.nl).

This Workpackage is a Service Activity in the area of Dynamic Circuits for radio astronomy, in particular real-time e-VLBI and LOFAR Long-Term Archive data.

The Workpackage consists of 4 tasks:

  • Task 1: Integration of e-VLBI with Bandwidth-on-Demand (JIVE, SURFnet, NORDUnet, OSO, CSIRO)
  • Task 2: On-demand access for large archives (ASTRON, SURFnet)
  • Task 3: Testing and validation of on-demand circuits (UMAN, JIVE)
  • Task 4: Multi Gbps on demand for e-VLBI (JIVE, SURFnet, NORDUnet, OSO)


D6.01 Proof-of-concept system for reserving and provisioning On-demand networking capacity

Report: nexpres-d6.01.pdf

Files: requester.tar.gz simulation.tar.gz (see below for the latest releases)

D6.02 Operational use of BoD on at least one e-VLBI connection

Report: nexpres-d6.02.pdf

(Wiki draft: D6.02-draft)

D6.03 Configuration of 10 Gb/s BoD for the LOFAR archive network

Report: nexpres-d6.03.pdf

D6.04 BoD scheduling interface for LOFAR LTA


D6.05 Demonstration of BoD for an operational LTA


D6.06 Integrated testing and validation of BoD paths

Report: d6.06_integrated_bod_testing_v1.1.pdf

D6.07 Demonstration of international BoD connectivity at 4 Gb/s

Report: nexpres-d6.07.pdf

D6.08 International Bandwidth-on-Demand at 10Gb/s

Report: nexpres-d6.08.pdf

(WIKI draft version: D6.08-draft)

Upcoming Deliverables


The NEXPReS NSI client

The NEXPReS NSI client consists of a Requester Agent, and an Aggregator, see screenshots below. Requirements: Linux server with Apache, PHP and MySQL.

The final release of the NEXPReS NSI client can be downloaded here: nexpres-nsi-2013-07-01.tgz (16MB)

NEXPReS NSI client block diagram
NEXPReS NSI client block diagram

Screenshot of the NEXPReS NSI Requester

Screenshot of the NEXPReS NSI Aggregator



High speed continuous recording and playback for VLBI, presentation for the Terena 7th TF-Storage meeting, Poznan, Poland, 2010-09-09 (11MB)

NEXPReS: Dynamische Lichtpaden voor Radio Astronomie, presentation for the SURFnet Relatiedagen 2010, Noordwijkerhout, NL, 2010-12-13 (10MB, in Dutch)

Dynamic Networking for NEXPReS, presentation at the 9th e-VLBI Workshop, Perth, Australia, 2010-10-20 (7MB)

JIVE Network 3rd upgrade, document describing the upgrades being performed on our network - 2011-06-27 (530kB)

JIVE network schematic, before and after NEXPReS upgrades JIVE Network schematic, before and after NEXPReS ugprades

NSI Client draft Design of JIVE NSI client, based on latest published NSI draft.

uman_wp6_year1_report.pdf University of Manchester report for year 1 of WP6, NEXPReS

GLIF2011-JIVE.pdf Presentation at the GLIF meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2011-09-13 (2.2MB)

10th-evlbi-ws.pdf Presentation at the 10th e-VLBI workshop, Hartebeesthoek, South Africa, 2011-11-16

nexpres_board_2012_wp6.pptx Presentation for the NEXPReS Board Meeting 2012, NORDUnet, Copenhagen, 2012-06-20

spie_lta_hah_20120703_v1.pdf Presentation at the SPIE conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2012-07-03

nordunet_cullen-2012-09-18.pdf Presentation at the NORDUnet 2012 conference, Oslo, Norway, 2012-09-18

2012.10.22_03-boven.pdf Prsentation at the 1st International VLBI Technology Workshop, Haystack, USA, 2012-10-22

paulboven-jive-lhcone2012.pdf Remote presentation for the LHCONE workshop, CERN, Geneva, 2012-12-13

2013_06_03_nsi_terena_demo.pptx Presentation given by Radek Krzywania, Tangui Coulouarn, Paul Boven during the TNC demonstrations of NSI, 2012-06-03

evn-nren-2013-wp6.pdf Presentation during the EVN-NREN Telecon, 2013-06-25

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