WP1- Networking

The is the Networking and Management Page for WP1/NA1

Interim Project Reports

Note, the reports have moved from a monthly to a quarterly schedule.

Period 1 Overall Report

Interim Reports

Year Due end of Month status wiki link pdf
2013 June draft Q12: 2013 June this update will be submitted as the Period Report
2013 March draft Q11: 2013 March PDF
2013 December draft Q10: 2012 Dec PDF
2012 September draft Q9: 2012 Sept PDF
2012 June final Q8: 2012 June this update will be submitted as the Period Report
2012 March final Q7: 2012 March pdf
2011 December final Q6: 2011 December pdf
2011 Sept final Q5: 2011 September pdf
2011 June final Q4: 2011 June note, this update is actually the Period report
2011 March final Q3: 2011 March pdf
2010 December final Q2: 2010 December pdf
2010 September final 2010 September PDF
2010 August final 2010 August PDF
2010 July final 2010 July PDF

General Information

List of Contract Documents

Consortium Agreement

List of Project Partners

List of Board Members

Management Team

List of Deliverables

Breakdown of Partners, Location, type, WP leadership and WP participation

Financial Distributions

WP1 Related Meetings

date location description
2010 Aug 27 telecon kickoff telecon, mostly to share info on EC related reporting
2010 Sep 20 Manchester, UK First Board Meeting
2010 Feb 2 telecon MT telecon
2011 Jun ?? telecon Board videoconference in preparation for First Annual Review
2011 Sep 06 Brussels, BE NEXPReS Period 1 Review
2012 Jun 20 Copenhagen, DK Second Board Meeting
2013 Jan 24 telecon
…others to be added as scheduled

Audit Related Information

The EC provides a document providing guidance to auditors (PDF) as well as a sample audit letter. Please refer your auditor to this guidance document and be sure that they follow the information provided. Additional information on FP7 project paperwork is available via: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/find-doc_en.html.

Secure Section

This is a placeholder link to create a set of password protected pages.


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