NEXPReS Period 1 Review

Thursday 8 September 2011

Draft Minutes

Draft minutes of the first Annual Review are attached as pdf and odt

Agenda for the Review and Links to Presentations

Start End Who Description pdf
09:00 09:30 n/a EC Internal Meeting
09:30 09:45 EC/HJvL Introductions, Administrivia pdf
09:45 11:00 NEXPReS Summary for Period 1 (~20 mins each)
09:45 10:00 TCY - :15 WP1234 pdf
10:00 10:20 AS - :20 WP56 pdf
10:20 10:40 AM - :20 WP78 pdf
10:40 11:00 RES - :20 Science Overview pdf
11:00 11:15 Break
11:15 11:45 TCY Financial Overview for the Period pdf
11:45 12:15 Comments from EC on morning
12:15 13:15 Lunch
13:15 13:45 Open Discussion
13:45 15:00 HJvL Overview of Project Next 18 Months pdf
13:45 14:00 TCY - :15 WP1234 pdf
14:00 14:20 AS - :20 WP56 pdf
14:20 14:40 AM - :20 WP78 pdf
14:40 15:30 Reviewer internal meeting
15:30 16:00 EC Conclusion
16:00 End of review


European Commission
Avenue de Beaulieu 25 (BU25)
Room 0/S5
1160 Buderghem (Brussels)

link to gMap


NEXPReS submitted the P1 report to the Commission and provides links to the files in a variety of formats here for convenience. These links represent the files as updated on 2001-09-02-16h10m.

The full PDF of the report: Revision 2011 09 02 16h10m

The following links are single downloads for all of the documents at once.

link approx size description
iso 40 MB CD iso image. This is a burnable image for a DVD. The iso file contains all files submitted to the commission and has a html index file to assist in navigation.
tgz 40 MB The compressed file contains all files submitted to the commission. Use the tar command to uncompress the files.
zip 40 MB The compressed file contains all files submitted to the commission. Use the unzip command to uncompress the files.

The following table provides links to individual sections of the document.

link approx size description
odt pdf 600K Frontmatter
odt pdf 30K Declaration
odt pdf 500K Summary
odt pdf 5M WP2345678
odt pdf 100K Management
odt pdf 30K Deliverables and milestones table
zip 12M all deliverables (multiple PDF files compressed into one zip file)
odt pdf 30K Explanation of Use of Resources
odt pdf 20K Form C
odt pdf 20K Summary financial Report
odt pdf 40K Appendices 123

Visit Logistics

Overall Schedule

date description
2011 Sep 07 Wed everyone shows up in Brussels
- 2 hour meeting at hotel
- dinner at hotel
- additional meetings after
2011 Sep 08 Thu travel as a group to EC office
- the review meeting
- the end
most of us will take the same train to Brussels Midi and then go in different directions


6 single rooms are booked (breakfast included)
- arrival date: 7 September 2011 (check in possible from 14:00 hr.)
- departure date: 8 September

Hotel Leopold Brussels
Mondo Hotel
Rue du Luxembourg 35
B-1050 Bruxelles
tel. +32 2 511 18 28
fax +32 2 514 19 39
link to gMap with all locations


Arrival times
Huib, Charles, Arpad and Yvonne plan to arrive at the hotel ~14:00 - 15:00
(exact times will follow)
Ari will arrive 08:40 at the airport
Ralph will arrive 12:50 at the airport

From Brussels Gare du Midi (Zuid) to the Leopold Hotel
Arrive at “Gare du midi”
Stay inside the station and switch over to the underground station (metro)
Take line no. 2, to Trone metro station, which is situated in the street of the Leopold hotel

From the airport BRU to the Leopold Hotel
From the airport in Brussels you can go by taxi to the Leopold hotel (about Euro 35,–).
You can take the bus nr 21 or 12 from the Airport to the Luxemburgstation. (just around the corner: end stop)
Information on the bus can be found here
You can take the train from the airport to Brussels Gare du Nord.
You have to go to level -1 (minus 1) and follow the indications to train or Belgian Railways. You arrive in the ticket hall (daily opened from 6h 40 until 21h 50).
The Brussels Airport Express runs up to four times an hour to and from the Brussels North, Central and South railway stations.
A trip to Brussels North takes about 15 minutes. From there you can take the metro line 2 direction Clemenceau (orange line). You have to step out at station Trone.
The Leopold Hotel is at the end of the Rue de Luxembourg.

From the Leopold to the EC (Avenue de Beaulieu)
Take the metro 2 direction Simonis. Step out at station station Arts-Loi (Kunst-Wet).
Take the metro 1A direction Herman Debroux. Step out at station Beaulieu (total time ~15 minutes)
Walk to the EC building (estimated time according EC 7 minutes)

remaining logistics

Metro map
Click for a full size version of the map

Brussels Subway/Metro Map


From the European Commission side

who institution focus
Jarkko Siren European Commission NEXPReS Project Officer Officer jarkko siren
Tor Bloch consultant e-infrastructures reviewer tor.bloch - gmail
Fulvio Casali Socrate Medical, Italy e-infrastructures reviewer Fulvio.Casali - socratemedical it
Jon Marcaide Univ. Valencia, Spain radioastronomy reviewer j.m.marcaide - uv es

From the NEXPReS side

who representing WPs
Huib Jan van Langevelde Project Coordinator NEXPReS
T. Charles Yun Project Management WP 1234
Arpad Szomoru SA Representative WP 56
Ari Mujunen JRA Representative WP 78
Ralph Spencer Board Chair NEXPReS
Yvonne Kool Project Office NEXPReS
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