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Milestone # Name Work package(s) involved Expected date Means of verification
M1.02 Prepare Period 1 Report to EC all 11 D1.09
M1.02 Prepare Period 2 Report to EC all 23 D1.10
M1.03 Prepare Period 3 Report to EC all 25 D1.11
M2.02 Select location for EVN-NREN meeting 1 WP2 6 D2.01
M2.02 Select location for EVN-NREN meeting 2 WP2 19 D2.02
M2.03 Select location for EVN-NREN meeting 3 WP2 29 D2.03
M3.01 Select location for eVSAG meeting 1 WP3 13 D3.01
M3.02 Select location for eVSAG meeting 2 WP3 29 D3.02
M4.01 Design Display WP4 1 D4.04
M4.02 Design Visual Guide/Elements WP4 3 D4.05
M4.03 Design Print Items WP4 6 D4.06, 4.08
M4.04 Design Print Items WP4 20 D4.07
M5.01 Definition of specifications monitoring and remote control WP5 4 D5.04
M5.02 Automated job scheduling WP5 9 D5.03
M5.03 Unattended correlation WP5 19 D5.06
M5.04 Control systems and scheduling mechanisms for 4-Gbps at correlator WP5 23 D5.08
M6.01 Proof-of-concpt for reserving BoD WP6 20 4 D6.01
M6.01b Full architecture description WP6 20 D6.01
M6.02 10 Gbps Bod for LOFAR/LTA WP6 24 10 D6.03
M6.03 Demonstration of integrated BoD testing WP6 30 18 D6.06
M6.04 Demonstration of international 4 Gbps BoD WP6 18 20 D6.07
M7.01 Workflow Requirements WP7 4 D7.01/ WP7.02
M7.02 Workflow Manager WP7 18 D7.03
M7.03 Real-time middleware WP7 24 D7.05
M8.01 Hardware decision for subsequent prototyping and integration tests (AALTO) WP 8 8 D8.02
M8.02 Review of prototype test results, decision of the architecture and scope of subsequent integration t… WP 8 17 15 D8.08
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