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Helena Kluyver Visitors Programme

ASTRON and JIVE invite women working or studying in relevant fields of astronomy, engineering, research and development to visit the institute in Dwingeloo. The aim of the working visits is to raise the profile of women in these fields, both within the institute and within the Netherlands as a whole.

Candidates of any level and nationality are eligible to be considered for the programme. The duration of the visits is flexible; we anticipate stays of any length of time from approximately two weeks up to three months. The programme provides financial support, sponsoring limited accommodation and travel expenses. Visitors will be provided with office space, telephone, computer and network access.

It is intended that the visitor would contribute to their chosen area of work during their stay by working on a research or development project, giving presentations and participating in other outreach activities.

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Our Visitors (so far and planned)

lena.jpg Elena Redkina visited ASTRON for a period of 3 weeks during summer 2007. She performed the assembling and measurements of the 16 Vivaldi element array, which was initially designed by her in collaboration with antenna designers of ASTRON. This array was used for verification of the combined EM-MW model of the connected Vivaldi elements with microstrip feed excitations. The positive measurement results of this array complement the initial modeling study and are currently being prepared for submission to AP Trans. journal. Elena is currently a lecturer at the Sevastopol National Technical University, Crimea, Ukraine. In the photo, Elena (right) is performing the measurements of the scattering parameters of the 16-Vivaldi element array.

Imke de Pater

Stefi Baum

Isabella Prandoni

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