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The JIVE WIKI workspace

This is a new installation of the JIVE wiki, created December 2012. All wiki pages have been copied, but files (PDFs, docs, etc) have not. See the old JIVE wiki for missing files.

Registration for this wiki is limited to prevent abuse. For a user account, please email Aukelien van den Poll (poll @ jive . eu) with your full name and desired username. Apologies for any inconvenience.

JIVE Wiki Pages

* JIVE MT - access restricted to JIVE management team


EVN Wiki Pages


ESKAC: ESKAC - European SKA Consortium, The ESKAC wiki is now back in use. Additional information about ESKAC is available from the ESKAC website.

RvdA: Raad van de Sterrenkunde



ParselTongue: ParselTongue is a scriptable interface layer to classic AIPS, written in Python.


The EVN Software Correlator at JIVE (SFXC): Information on use, maintenance and installation of the new SFXC software correlator

JIVE Correlator post-processing: Information on transforming correlator output to MeasurementSet and FITS files (j2ms2 and tConvert)

Configuration of various hardware at JIVE: FlexBuff

EVN Support Scientists: EVN Post-processing
EVN Feedback Tools

JIVE UniBoard-based Correlator (JUC): JUC memo's
JUC minutes
JUC review

Correlator operations: Various information pertaining to the care and feeding of the EVN Mk IV Correlator.

32 Gbps EVN: telecon minutes


Space Applications of VLBI: Informations and documents of the Space Applications group SpaSIA

Masers: Activities of the M2O-VLBI group

* JIVE Board - meetings and minutes have moved to a restricted area of the JIVE web site
* JIVE biennial report 2013-2014


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