JIVE celebrates the National Diversity Day

October 6th celebrates National Diversity Day (NDD) in the Netherlands (https://www.diversityday.nl/), a day to work on improving diversity in all its aspects, including sexual preferences, gender identity, origin, religion, physical disabilities, a distance to the labor market, and more. 

The slogan of NDD is "Jezelf zijn werkt" ("Being yourself works"), relating to the fact that organizations with an inclusive and respectful work climate work better. The aim of NDD is to help and encourage organizations to work on their own work environment, e.g. by organizing training events, games, or informative gatherings.

JIVE strives to provide an inclusive and respectful environment for its staff and visitors. Due to COVID, this year there will be no activities at the institute premises, however, JIVE's host institute, ASTRON, will fly the rainbow flag on behalf of both our institutes from October 6th until October 11th. That day marks (Inter)National Coming Out day - an annual LGBTIQ+ awareness day to support LGBTIQ+ people to "come out of the closet"; see the ASTRON/JIVE Daily Image.

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