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List and links to the Young European Radio Astronomers Conference (YERAC)

The Young European Radio Astronomers Conference has been held almost every year since 1968. Graduate students and early-career postdocs from all over Europe meet for a few days to give presentations. 'Europe' generally includes any country from Russia in the East to Portugal in the west, plus affiliates of the European VLBI Network, RadioNet or other current bodies. YERAC covers all aspects of radio astronomy, from the Sun out to the cosmic microwave background, from stars and planets to the most distant galaxies, using single dish and interferometric techniques, models and theoretical work. YERAC is especially valuable in forging pan-European links between new astronomers which frequently lead to fruitful collaborations over many decades.

The purpose of YERAC is for undergraduate, graduate and young post-doctoral students in radio astronomy to meet each other and present their work. For many of the participants, YERAC is in fact their first international meeting, and it provides them with a good opportunity to get practice giving talks about their research. The main sessions are therefore exclusively for their talks and posters, although a few more experienced researchers are present to answer questions and hold a surgery on presentation techniques or other assistance as required. The contributions will be published electronically. Participation in YERAC is by invitation. Invitations are sent out to European institutions and universities. In general, Directors of these institutes should nominate participants.

The most recent edition of YERAC was held in Pushchino (Russia) on September 18-21 2012.

Year Location WEB Photo Participants Programme Comments
1968 Meudon, France Read
1969 Manchester, United Kingdom
1970 Dwingeloo, Netherlands
1971 Effelsberg/Bad Münstereifel, (West) Germany
1972 Bologna, Italy
1973 Cambridge, United Kingdom Link
1974 Onsala, Sweden
1975 Meudon, France
1976 Torun, Poland
1977 Dwingeloo, Netherlands
1978 Manchester, United Kingdom Link
1979 Puschino, U.S.S.R. Photo
1980 Bologna, Italy Photo
1981 Bad Honnef/Bonn (West) Germany Photo Link Link
1982 Cambridge, United Kingdom Photo
1983 Onsala, Sweden
1984 Zelenchukskaya, U.S.S.R. Photo
1985 Grenoble, France Photo Link
1986 Havelte, Netherlands Photo
1987 Torun, Poland Photo
1988 Manchester, United Kingdom
1989 Kharkov, U.S.S.R. Photo
1990 Guadalajara, Spain Photo
1991 Onsala, Sweden
1992 Bad Honnef/Bonn, Germany Photo Link Link
1993 Meudon, France Link?
1994 Cambridge, United Kingdom WEB Photo link link
1995 Groningen, Netherlands Photo
1996 Riccione, Italy Photo link
1997 Kraków, Poland WEB link link
1998 -
1999 Jodrell Bank, United Kingdom
2000 Granada, Spain WEB? link? Refs
2001 -
2002 -
2003 Bonn, Germany WEB Photo
2004 University College Cork, Ireland WEB Photo link link
2005 Cagliari, Italy WEB Photo link link
2006 Dalfsen, The Netherlands link
2007 Bordeaux, France WEB Photo link link
2008 Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden WEB Photo link
2009 Porto, Portugal WEB Photo link link
2010 Alcalá de Henares, Spain WEB Photo link link
2011 Jodrell Bank / Manchester, United Kingdom WEB Photo link link
2012 Pushchino, Russia WEB Photo Link Link

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* Pages prepared by Paco Colomer. Many thanks to
Luigina Ferreti,
Michel Guelin,
Leonid Gurvits,
Harry van der Laan,
Huib Jan van Langevelde,
Richard Porcas,
and Ute Runkel
for providing useful information about YERAC history.

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