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The Parseltongue Wiki

ParselTongue is a Python interface to classic AIPS, Obit and possibly other task-based data reduction packages. It serves as the software infrastructure for some of the ALBUS implementation. It allows you to run AIPS tasks, and access AIPS headers and extension tables from Python. There is also support for running Obit tasks and accessing data in FITS files. Full access to the visibilities in AIPS UV data is also available.

ParselTongue allows you to script AIPS with a modern programming language, making complex automated data reduction possible. The excellent support for today's web standards in Python facilitates the development of pipelines that interact easily with the outside world.

Get ParselTongue

Grab the latest official ParselTongue release (version 2.0) here!

ParselTongue depends on Obit. A special version of Obit, adequate for ParselTongue and modified to be easier to build on most systems, can be found here.

A binary (for 32-bit Linux) distribution of ParselTongue (version 1.1.2) and Obit for CASA (to be extracted inside the CASA root directory) can be found here.

Codex ParselTongue

The definitive tome for the installation and use of the Parseltongue framework, found here (pdf).

The ParselTongue Grimoire

ParselTongue is already used actively for VLBI data reduction. We have a number of examples and user-contributed snippets of Parseltongue that you may find useful, assembled here. And please feel free to add your own incantations to the Grimoire!

ParselTongue Class Browser

A useful way to explore the Classes that make up ParselTongue, and their interrelationships.

ParselTongue FAQ

A FAQ to post questions regarding the use of ParselTongue


If you encounter problems with our software, please feel free to contact the developers (Mark Kettenis andMike Sipior). We're also very interested in hearing about cool applications of ParselTongue. If things don't work as expected, or if you encounter any cryptic error messages, please yell. You can also politely ask for improvements ;-)

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