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EVN2015 roadmap

These pages are reserved for the EVN2015 roadmap exercise. To be used for meetings and material.


  • Huib Jan van Langevelde (JIVE/chair)
  • Walter Alef (MPI)
  • Luigina Feretti (IRA)
  • Marco Bondi (IRA)
  • Paco Colomer (OAN)
  • Simon Garrington (JBO)
  • Rene Vermeulen (ASTRON)
  • Andy Lobanov (MPI)

Roadmap document

The goal is to compile a document or set of documents, that sketch out the required upgrades to deliver the EVN that is envisioned in the science document.

A skeleton for the document is here

Background Information

Various documents and presentations have been produced already related to this exercise. We should try to collect these in on place, and this is that place!

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