SKA Identified as an Essential Facility for the Future of European Astronomy

The Square Kilometre Array has been ranked joint top priority by the ASTRONET consortium of European funding agencies as they unveiled Europe's 20 year plan for astronomy. SKA builds on numerous technologies and techniques, including e-VLBI pioneered at JIVE. View the full press release here.

"Naked-eye" gamma-ray burst was aimed squarely at earth

Unparalleled data from satellites and observatories around the globe, including the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, show that the jet from a powerful stellar explosion March 19 was aimed almost directly at Earth. A paper about these observations of GRB 080319B, coauthored by JIVE Support Scientist Zsolt Paragi, appears in today's issue of Nature.

Radio astronomers detect "baby quasar" near the edge of the visible Universe

An international group of radio astronomers has detected an unexpected morphology in quasar J1427+3312, the most distant radio quasar known to date.

Effelsberg joins the e-EVN

On 1 April 2008, EXPReS conducted the first e-VLBI observation to include the 100 meter telescope at Effelsberg, Germany.

First e-VLBI data from China-Australia, China-Europe and Australia-Europe baselines

Collaborators in the EXPReS project conducted the first successful real-time correlation of e-VLBI data from China-Australia, China-Europe and Australia-Europe baselines, the longest baseline eVLBI experiment to date.

Dr. Huib Jan van Langevelde is the new director of JIVE

Huib Jan van Langevelde (44) has been a member of the JIVE staff for 12 years, holding various positions. Recently he has managed various international projects related to astronomical user software and computing. His astronomical research focuses on the circumstellar matter around young and old stars, with an emphasis on astrophysical masers.

First 512 Mbps e-EVN image from six stations

On the 26th of June the e-EVN carried out the first 512 Mbps observations with six stations. The target source (J0000+4054, a compact symmetric object) was observed for about three hours.

First e-EVN image using 512 Mbps data rate

The e-EVN has achieved its first operational experimental run at 512 Mbps.

JIVE launches NorthStar proposal tool

A new web-based proposal tool, NorthStar, has been adopted by the EVN. To submit an application for time on the EVN, go to the NorthStar website, register as a new user and follow the instructions given in the help file that you will find on the welcome page.

Public Open Day at JIVE

As part of its committment to public outreach, JIVE is opening its doors to the general public on Sunday, 22nd October 2006. There will be activities, displays and multimedia demonstrations of the work that we do here at JIVE. There will also be plenty of opportunities to talk to our members of staff about all aspects of astronomy and VLBI in particular. All are welcome from 12:00 to 17:00 hours.
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