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Contents of EVN archive at JIVE for experiment EC071C


  • The proposal abstract for observations resulting from proposals submitted on or after 1 October 2017.


  • The feedback page was filled in by the stations and gives information about local circumstances during the observation.


  • The station logfiles, schedfiles etc. point directly to the Bologna archive. They reflect in detail the instumental settings during the observation.


  • Standard plots preliminary show the quality of the correlated experiment. The standard plots are produced close after the correlation of the experiment is finished. The page also contains a link to the P.I. letter, which tells how the correlation was done. The standard plots are public.


  • The pipeline gives a more detailed impression of the quality of the correlation. It contains also plots for each source separately. It is possible that certain plots are set to private on demand of the P.I.


  • The fitsfiles are the final product and are private to the P.I. during a period of 12 months. When a fast internet connection is available, the fitsfiles can be downloaded by the owner of the experiment or by everyone after the expiration date of the protection.


Archiving Policy

P.I.s have sole right of access to data for their project for a period of 12 months after the distribution to the P.I. (6 months for target-of-opportunity observations)
During this period data can only be accessed using a username and password provided by the project support scientist.
The full EVN Data Access Policy can be found here.
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