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Abstract of the proposal for the experiment EV022

Pair of AGN and binary supermassive black holes are important stages in the evolution of galaxy mergers. The merger events are more efficient in instigating accretion on to the supermassive black hole. However, the conditions in which triggering of dual AGN occurs is poorly understood. In this dual AGN project, we aim to study the evolution of active nucleus during the course of galaxy merger; as well as study the structure, evolution, and physical conditions in the nuclear regions of dual AGNs in comparison to single AGN systems. VLBI with its unparalleled resolution together with its remarkable sensitivity is the perfect tool for investigating the inner radio structures of these nuclei. The multi-frequency, VLBI observations will be used to probe the structural and spectral properties of the core and pc-scale jets. We request for a total of 45 hours of EVN (with Arecibo for five sources) to observe eight dual AGNs at 18 and 6 cm with one hour on-source integration time on each nucleus. The project will be used to commission the expected increased sensitivity of the telescope at 6 cm.
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