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Abstract of the proposal for the experiment EP113E

High sensitivity images of AGN have demonstrated that even the most radio faint nuclei are not radio silent. The Seyfert galaxy NGC4151 is one of the best examples of low power jet in the local Universe. It has been resolved by MERLIN and VLBA in six different components and recently, new eMERLIN data have measured variability in C4 and C3 components. VLBA data have allowed to identify the AGN with one of the D sub-component, however the exact location of the black hole is not established yet. Here we propose to observe NGC4151 with EVN at X and K bands for three epochs spaced by four months, in order: 1. to clearly identify the AGN core, via its flux and spectral variability from months to 20 years time scales; 2. measure the jet speed over a 16 yrs time baseline. Interferometric data of NGC4151 offer the extraordinary opportunity to investigate material physical conditions at the broad line region scales and will allow us to determine the properties of its low power jet and its interaction with the surrounding medium.
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