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Abstract of the proposal for the experiment EG103B

The quasar J1715+2145 (1713+218a) at z=4.01 has a very unusual for a high-redshift AGN jet detected in our VLBI observation of 1998. Two decades later we intend to study possible proper motion in the source jet. In addition, the dual-frequency (1.6 and 5 GHz) high-fidelity imaging study of this remarkable core-jet laboratory will enable us to independently estimate the geometric and kinematic parameters of the jet inferred from the ROSAT and Chandra high-energy detections. The observations involving both EVN and MERLIN will bridge the gap between the known morphologies obtained with the VLA and VLBI - a key ingredient in creating a consistent model of the jet impact in the source evolution and host galaxy feedback. We will also take an opportunity of studying a physically unrelated quasar 1713+218b at z=0.885 located 1 arcmin apart from 1713+218a. Such the rare close celestial proximity of two sufficiently strong radio sources will allow us to image both quasars in the in-beam phase-referencing regime, and create the basis for future astrometric investigation of the pair of sources.
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