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Abstract of the proposal for the experiment EC070M

A rich phenomenology of jets, winds and accretion states has been observed in both Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and X-ray binaries (XRB), suggesting a strong accretion/ejection coupling at different black-hole masses. In AGN the radiation field from accretion disk and outflows is thought to play a crucial role in the feedback invoked by galaxy evolutionary models, but our knowledge of accretion/ejection physics is still limited. The radio emission usually traces outflowing material, however several other diffuse components, such as emission from starburst and/or shocked regions, are also present at low radio frequencies. We are carrying out a comprehensive program to unveil the origin of radio emission at milli arcsecond scales in a well-defined sample of high luminosity/high Eddington AGN at two frequencies. From their nuclear flux, morphology and spectral slopes we will be able to discriminate between a low-power jet base, shock and starbursts activity. The above information will be compared with predictions from theoretical outflows/jet versus coronal models.

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