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Abstract of the proposal for the experiment EC067C

Previous observations of Ultracool Dwarfs at radio wavelegths have opened a new window to probe the nature of their radio emission. Despite the fact that VLBI observations are still scarce in this field, they provide unique insights on the mechanisms responsible for the detected emission and, at the same time, they allow a better characterization of the orbital motion in binary systems as well as their dynamical masses. We request sensitive C-band eVLBI observations of a sample of ultracool dwarfs with previously confirmed radio emission aimed to observationally constrain the brightness temperature, and therefore provinding insights into the magnetic activity of these objects. In the case of the binary LP 349-25, the proposed observations would determine which of the substellar components the radio emission originates in. This would help us reveal the possible differences in the different magnetic field configuration in the pair of dwarfs.
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