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Abstract of the proposal for the experiment EB064F

Recently a new radio source was detected with the VLA in Cygnus A at a distance of about 460 parsec from the centre. The source is not directly associated with the VLBI core and the jets, but coincides with a compact optical/near-IR source. We detected the new source on sub-parsec scales with EVN observations at 1.3cm in March 2017. It appears compact and more luminous than any known radio super nova. The most plausible origin of the emission is a recent onset of activity from a so far not detected secondary black hole in Cygnus A. With this proposal we aim to start an EVN monitoring of the further evolution of the source at 1.3cm. A detailed study of the flux density evolution, structural changes and linear polarisation properties will enable us to better understand the nature of this new object.
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